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Our Foundation

The Oi Kwan Foundation was formed in 1974 by the members of the Chinese United Church and the Calgary Presbytery, with the primary aim of caring for the elderly, to relieve their poverty and to assist in making their retirement years productive and fulfilling.  A strong need was identified at the time in the area of caring for Calgary’s aging population of Chinese immigrants, a people who have contributed much to the development of Western Canada’s economic and social growth.

The first project of the foundation was the construction and opening, in 1976, of Oi Kwan Place, a 56-suite senior citizen’s apartment next door to the Chinese United Church.  Built on property owned by the Church, Oi Kwan Manor is also owned by AHMC and managed by the Foundation.

Wai Kwan Manor is the second project with 126 units.

Our Story

Oi Kwan Foundation's HMB Business Plan can be found here:


Minutes & Financials (Accessible to Board Members Only)