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Frequently asked questions


  1. Pick up the housing application form from the head office. 
  2. Bring the housing application form to the CCECA(Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen’s Association  (403) 269-6122)  to help fill out the form. 
  3. Bring the completed application form to the office.
  4. Processing time is approximately 2-4 weeks and a Property Manager will contact you via phone. If approved, you will be put on the waiting list, the period of the waiting time around 3-6 months.
  5. We will contact you immediately if the unit is available.

Our waiting lit is prioritized based on an individual’s situation and Oi Kwan follows a government-mandated rating system to rank level of need. Those in the greatest need are housed before all others. Our list is NOT first-come first-served. 

You will be asked to describe your situation and level of need when you complete your application. This information will also be discussed during your interview with a property manager.

To qualify you must:

  • 65 or older
  • Canadian citizen or an unsponsored permanent resident. Seniors currently being sponsored do not qualify to live in government subsidized housing.
  • Filed your most recent taxes with Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Income must be below the Alberta Community Housing income threshold.

For Government Subsidized Housing:

  • 30% of your monthly income, based on line 15000 on your Notice of Assessment.
  • Example: If line 15000 Total Income is $20,000 divide by 12 months = $1666.67 x 30% = $500 Base Rent

Power, heat and water are one flat fee that is added to your monthly base rent. The amounts vary by property but averages $50 per month, reviewed annually. 

What about phone/internet/cable? 

We do not provide these services. However, we have a Bulk Contract with Shaw

Yes. We require a security deposit equal to your rental amount, to a maximum of $500. This is collected when you sign your Lease Agreement.

Rent is paid via automatic withdrawal at the start of each month from the bank account you authorize.

There are limited number of parking spots available at each building, and fees vary depending on location. We use a wait list system that is maintained by the building’s property manager. The wait for a parking spot can sometimes take years. 

Street Parking is not available. 

Service dog are accepted, with proof of certification from one of Alberta’s approved service animal organization, click here for more information

No, we do not provide meals.

All units are unfurnished.

No, we are an independent living housing provider.

CCECA (Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen’s Association) offer a great way to learn about what kinds of supports are available from our community service partners. Your building’s Property manager can provide a referral. 

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